XCode is described to be the Apple integrated development and environment which is for the Mac OS, iOS, tvos, watch OS, iPad OS. It was initially released in the year 2003 and the latest stable release is the version of 12.3 which was released in the year 2020. It consists of a registered developer which can download as the last preview of the releases. Xcode has been able to include a command-line tool that has the ability to enable the development of the UNIX, with the help of the terminal app which is in the Mac OS. They are also able to download and install without having the main IDE. It can support the source code for the process of programming languages such as C, C++, objective – c, objective – C++, Ruby, rest edit, and a few more with the programming model which includes not limited to the cocoa, and carbon along with Java. It has the ability to integrate built-in support for the management of the Source Code with the use of the version control system of Git as well as protocols that permit the user and developer to create as well as clone the repositories of Git.

  应该补充的是,Xcode能够支持一个产品的分发过程,该产品是多个系统上的内置过程,而这种技术被命名为共享工作组构建,最初由Bonjour协议使用,以便自动发现为编译器提供服务的帮助。Xcode 12在Mac OS上有一个很好的外观,它带有侧栏导航器,可以放在窗口顶部,也可以清除新工具栏上的按钮。

  The Navigator in this case has as the default to a large font which is easier to read and understand by the user while it gives the user and multiple size choices. The new documents as well as the taps can make it easy for the user in order to create the process of working of the set within the workspace of the user. The new tap permits the user developer to open a new tab with a double click and later select and click around the navigator. It is considered to be having a new multi-platform app template to set up a new project easily and flexibly and share certain codes among the users of iOS, iPad OS as well as Mac OS with the use of the Swift UI as well as the life cycle of the API which is new. The new tools that are within the Xcode 12 provide the user order to create a store kit file in order to describe the different subscriptions as well as the in-app purchase product in the user app and it can offer and create scenarios in order to make sure everything is working perfectly with the customers.

  Apple Xcode Great Features:



  It can handle the complex built in order to minimize the power of the multi-colored Max and at the same time automatically sign the provisions as well as installed the iPad along with iPhone apps into the device.

  It has the ability to debug the user app directly within the editor of the Xcode.

  The server control of the Xcode has the ability to control the server-side that continuously is in the process of Building and analyzing, testing and even archiving the projects of the Xcode for the user and the developer.

  It permits the user and developer to enable to create apps for the iPhone, Apple TV, iPad, and a few more.


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