CrystalNet ADO.Net VCL for Delphi


CrystalNet ADO.Net VCL for Delphi

  ADO。 Net DAC for Delphi is described as the fastest and most reliable connection to the database, and the virtual and database alternative using ADO technology. NET in Delphi. It can provide users and developers with data access to information sources. These information sources do not like SQL Server, Oracle, Vista DB, SQLite and OLE DB, ODBC and ADO Net’s data provider framework. ADO。 Net DAC for Delphi is an enterprise level solution with unlimited functions and possibilities. ADO can use user applications for data sharing. NetDAC is used in Delphi to link to data sources and retrieve, manage, and upgrade the information contained therein. It has a strong architectural foundation on ADO. Net technology, which provides users with high-speed direct information access from Delphi to SQL, Oracle servers and information sources exposed through OLE DB and ODBC. ADO。 NetDAC provides a library that consists of the process of connecting to the database and the components that execute commands and ultimately retrieve results. The opened results are processed directly, and the elements are placed in the virtual table.

  CrystalNet ADO。 The powerful functions of Net VCL:

  It has the following functions and properties, such as:

  It provides direct access to data servers without the need for client libraries.

  Users do not need to install the data provider layer.

  It can provide a method to sort the collected records.

  It can support the process of releasing delayed updates, called cashing updates.

  It has the ability to provide a method for filtering records. The database filtering process allows users to obtain a subset of records based on specific conditions.

  It provides users and developers with flexible support for the master detail relationship between datasets.

  It is very easy to use and deploy.

  It has unique support for Unicode.

  Users and developers can use components such as TSqlClientBulkCopy to copy batch data.


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