Clever Internet Suite for Delphi, C++Builder


Clever Internet Suite for Delphi, C++Builder

  Add instant SSL/TLS security to Internet applications and implement many useful Internet related features.

  Smart Internet suite allows you to add download, upload and submit Internet resources; Sending and receiving MIME messages; HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP and NNTP client/server solutions; SSL/TLS channels with digital certificates support your VCL application. Smart Internet kits can be distributed for free, including fully indexed help documents and many examples.

  Clever Internet Suite supports FTP, HTTP, WebDAV, SMTP, POP, IMAP, NNTP, SOAP, etc,

  Client and server components with SSL/TLS support,

  Multithreaded server,

  Data compression when retrieving data,

  Easily create messages in any format.

  Compose and submit a Web form POST request,

  Royalty free license. Free unlimited email support,

  Fully indexed help document.

  Smart Internet Suite Components

  AsyncClient – Reproduces an asynchronous TCP client that works in the background without interfering with the main application thread.

  BounceChecker – Scan any POP3 mailbox for rejected messages.

  CertificateStore – Manages the digital certificates installed on the system.

  Cookie Manager – Indicates the HTTP client Cookie manager.

  Encrypted Encoder – provides data encoding and decoding methods in PEM and SSH2 encryption formats.

  DKIM signature, e-mail verification, generation of public/private key pairs, DNS text records.

  DNSQuery – Queries DNS for record information such as MX, IP, NS, and CNAME.

  DNSServer – The server that implements the DNS (Domain Name Server) protocol.

  Downloader – Downloads a single URL to a local file or memory.

  EmailValidator – This component verifies that the email address is valid, formatted correctly, and exists.

  Encoder – Provides a method for encoding/decoding message content.


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