A complete set of components of IPWorks Encrypt Delphi strong encryption


  A complete set of components of IPWorks Encrypt Delphi strong encryption

  A complete set of components for strong encryption through major encryption standards.

  IPWorks Encryption is an extensive component library that allows you to encrypt and decrypt files, e-mails, documents and messages through major encryption standards (including S/MIME, OpenPGP, TripleDES, TwoFish, RSA, AES, etc.).

  IPWorks encryption function

  Strong encryption is performed through AES, BlowFish, CAST, ChaCha20, DES, DPAPI, DSA, ECC, Elgamal, IDEA, JWS, OpenPGP, Poly1305, RC2, RC4, Rijndael, RSA, SMIME, TEA, TripleDES and TwoFish.

  Support SHA1, SHA2 (SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512), ChaCha, JWE, MD2, MD4, MD5, RIPEMD160, MD5SHA1, and HMAC (MD5, SHA1, and SHA2) signature hash algorithms.

  Use S/MIME or OpenPGP and digital certificates to encrypt/decrypt, sign, and verify message signatures.

  Support JSON Web Signature (JWS) and JSON Web Encryption (JWE), which are used to sign/verify and encrypt/decrypt data in their own standard formats.

  A complete unified framework, a universal and easy to learn object model and a simplified interface enable you to do more things.

  Support S/MIME v2 and S/MIME v3 standards for mail and document encryption.

  Supports secure XML encryption and digital signature standards.

  The advanced digital certificate feature allows you to create, sign, and manage X.509 digital certificates. Become your own certification authority.

  Advanced key management allows you to create and manage OpenPGP key rings.

  Components are thread safe on key members.

  Fast, robust and reliable components that consume the least resources.

  Native development components of all supported platforms and technologies.

  Strong encryption component – IPWorks Encryption includes the following components. Note that due to platform limitations, not all components are available in all versions.


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