Delphi 11.2 Alexandria Assembly Code


  Delphi 11.2 Alexandria Assembly Code

  High DPI VCL Designer – VCL Designer now uses a style similar to Microsoft Windows when designing, which means that unless this feature is disabled, controls in the designer will always be drawn with this style. This style matches the light or dark theme that Windows is currently using.

  Editor tab – In version 11.2, some tabs (such as source code control or COM type library editor) are given different colors to distinguish them from normal code tabs. You can control whether the tab can display customer colors through the new tab color configuration. In the new INTACustomEditorView280 interface, custom tab colors are supported through the Tools API.

  CPU view syntax highlighting – CPU view syntax now highlights assembly code on the screen.

  Markdown support – IDE now supports Markdown (. md) files and rich previews in Markdown and HTML formats. Opening a Markdown file displays a rich render preview of the file. Markdown and HTML can only be edited in the code editor, not in the format preview. Markup file support:

  E-mail and Web links are opened in the system default e-mail client or Web browser.

  File link, open in IDE.



  Add other standard Markdown formats.

  Deleted Internet Explorer – Embedded Microsoft Internet Explorer controls have been completely removed throughout the IDE. Rich HTML preview, Markdown support, and HelpInsight all use native VCL HTML controls.

  Fonts and Styles – Previous versions supported editing some registry keys to change the font and font size of the IDE main window. Version 11.2 provides the option to change the IDE UI font and size on the IDE Options>User Interface page in the IDE Fonts section. Similarly, the UI now re enables previously hidden settings to allow the IDE to use custom styles. The Options>User Interface>IDE Styles page allows you to use custom VCL styles as well as Light, Dark, and Fog styles. The main purpose of these two approaches is to help achieve accessibility.

  Project View-11.2 changed the behavior of double clicking items in a project view to expand/collapse tree entries only when representing folders. Double click now to do the following:

  Double click a cell to open it.

  Double click a folder to expand or collapse it.

  If the project is not currently active, double-click the project to activate it. If it is the currently active project, it expands/collapses it.

  GetIt Enhancements – The GetIt Package Manager dialog now allows users to filter by language. The Package Manager dialog box also allows you to install packages from local files and online packages. To do this, use the Load Local Package button under the filter in the lower left corner of the GetIt dialog box. The welcome page now contains the restored New Content in GetIt pane. Display recently modified packages in GetIt, and help find new or recently updated libraries and packages. By default, the welcome page reopens when all items are closed.


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