WINSOFT DAO Database cracked version


  WINSOFT DAO Database cracked version

  In Delphi and Burland++C, the X database can access the Winsoft DAO database collection. Dolphin writers can access Microsoft Oxide directly through DAO and ACEDAO without using the BDE engine. Because DAO or data access objects are faster than older technologies, using these computers will speed up their performance in Delphi programs.

  The Winsoft DAO Database Collection supports 3.5 and 3.6 DAO versions. You will not need any BDE engine to use it. Therefore, in addition to fast access, your programs will also be well liberated. It is also about all the displayed activities to discuss their consistency with the old activities. This is especially important in older programs where you now want to learn code. Because the new computer is not convenient to rewrite many old codes that usually need developers to complete.

  We will tell you that the use of this computer will be incompatible with your previous computer. There is a problem with the old code of this truck. The use of this computer is very simple. At that time, it does not need to know the materials and functions. The product is now available for Delphie, C++Builder 5-10, and Lazarus 1.6. If you are Dolphin or C++Builder and need to connect to the X database, we recommend that you do not forget to use this computer.

  Required Systems

  Winsoft DAO Database Collection System Requirements

  Available for Delphi/C++Builder 5 – 10.1 and Lazarus 1.6


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